Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back to the world of blogging

It has been almost a year since my last blog post and a lot has happened in the last year. Dad's Estate is almost settled. I paid his taxes today (Nothing is certain but death and taxes), and his house was sold a month or so ago.

We just finished a Team in Training season with our largest ever team. The group really came together, and we had a great time. This season, I am working with one of the smallest Team in Training group. It has been a challenge because the participants don't have the relationships and accountability that the larger groups give. I am doing what I can to get information to them, but communication continues to be a challenge.

And, I have just been accepted by Powerbar Team Elite. I have been exploring their website and found lots of tools and products that will help me to be a better coach. I'll use what I can to improve this season, and I'll have a great plan in place for next season. Recruitment for San Diego, Seattle, and Orlando is in the middle of May.